The Orioles wore special jerseys for their return to Baltimore


It was a longer-than-expected road trip, preceded by a game in an empty ballpark, all spurred by unrest and violence that has shaken Baltimore to its core.

Upon their return to their city last night, the Orioles donned some special jerseys for the occasion:

source: AP

Normally they say “Orioles,” of course.

Indeed, the Orioles are one of the few teams which went years and years without having their city name on their uniforms, opting to go with their nickname, even on the road. From 1956 through 1972 they had “Baltimore” on roadies, but from 1973 through 2008 home and road both said “Orioles.” They’ve never worn “Baltimore” on home jerseys.

This was a nice touch.

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See 10 Great Artists With Their (Also Great) Cats


The artist Salvador Dalí, who was on born on this day, May 11, in 1904, didn’t just create surrealist art—in some ways, his life was plenty surreal too. Take, for example, Babou.

Instead of a normal domestic cat, Dalí kept the Colombian ocelot as his furry companion. Not that he would always admit it: as related in the new book Artists and Their Cats, by Alison Nastasi (Chronicle Books), Dalí once brought Babou out to dinner and then had to convince a frightened woman that the animal’s markings were painted on and that Babou was just your run-of-the-mill tame house cat. Ceci, as Dalí’s contemporary René Magritte might have said, n’est pas un ocelot.

In honor of what would have been Dalí’s birthday, here he is with his feline friend — along with nine other artists and their meowing muses.

All images are from Artists and Their Cats

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Brad Bird Confirms The Incredibles 2 as His Next Film


If you wanted more of The Incredibles, you’re in luck. Tomorrowland director Brad Bird, who wrote and directed the original 2004 Pixar hit, is making the sequel his next project. Bird told Collider that he already has made significant progress on the script, adding that he had a lot of ideas “that I wanted to pursue a little bit, and there wasn’t enough time in [the original] Incredibles. There are new ideas I have, and I think there are enough of those together to make an interesting movie.” An Incredibles sequel was officially announced in March 2014.

Bird said that he’ll “start playing in the Incredibles sandbox again” soon after the release of his current film, Tomorrowland, on May 22. That means the chances of Bird directing a Star Wars sequel or spinoff are still a long-shot. Bird had early conversations with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy about…

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10 Foods You’re Probably Eating Wrong


Even if you eat plenty of fruits and veggies and already know about the latest and greatest superfoods on the market, that’s only half the battle. The other half: understanding how to reap the biggest benefits from all that hard work. We asked a pair of registered dietitians to pinpoint the big mistakes that are preventing you from extracting the most vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat.


These little pods have lots of health benefits locked inside of them: they’re high in fiber, heart-healthy omega-3s, and lignans, which are phytochemicals that may have cancer-protecting properties. They key word here? Locked. Your body may not be able to digest whole flaxseeds, sprinkling a handful into your morning smoothie or onto your yogurt snack won’t get you very far in the nutrient department. According to Katherine Zeratsky, RD, a registered dietitian with the Mayo Clinic, most experts actually…

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The 5 Best Smartphones Right Now


Thanks to some intense competition in the smartphone space, upgrading your handset isn’t as easy as it used to be. Not too long ago it was iPhone, Samsung or bust. But with compelling hardware efforts from Google, LG, and others, there are a ton more great options when it comes time to choose a new smartphone.

And while overall there’s a dizzying amount of smartphones on the market, when it comes to investing in the latest and greatest, these five stand out from the rest. But since they’re mostly comparable to each other, the best way to choose is by basing your decision on the most important characteristic to you.

Best Android: Nexus 6

Google’s latest Android operating system, Lollipop, is so colorful and smooth it’s practically lickable. To get the most out of its edge-to-edge interface, you’ll want to upgrade to a Nexus 6, a monster of a smartphone…

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