FTC Officials Back Tesla’s Right To Sell Cars Direct To Consumers


Key officials at the FTC aren’t mincing words in a new post defending the right of manufacturers to sell directly to consumers: Part of the U.S. regulatory trade organization’s executive team detailed its wider position following the publication of a letter of comment specific to new legislation in Michigan that would ease that state’s blanket ban on manufacturer-direct sales, but only for a unique new category of vehicle dubbed “autocycles.” Tesla has long borne the brunt of these kinds of state laws, which were ostensibly first put in place to protect consumers, but which now serve largely to protect third-party dealer interests.

Tesla has been fighting an uphill battle against these outdated regulations, most visibly in New Jersey, where Governor Chris Christie first forebode direct sales, bowing to powerful dealer local interests, then had to go back on that move following a decision by the New Jersey Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee

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