Game of Thrones Watch: Fear and Mistakes


Spoilers for Game of Thrones, “Kill the Boy,” follow:

“… And then they weren’t.”

After the bloody events of last week, “Kill the Boy” was bound to be a more measured hour of Game of Thrones — well, so long as you weren’t the unfortunate Meereenese leader who was burned alive, ripped clean in half and devoured by a pair of ornery teenage dragons. Instead, the episode began by dealing with the aftermath of “Sons of the Harpy,” revealing the fate of Grey Worm (alive) and Ser Barristan the Bold (dead). Though it was a shame the audience never got an extensive look at the finer works of an artist who was said to have only used red, the outcome makes sense. Barristan was old and had little that connected him to anyone else on the entire continent other than Daenerys. Grey Worm, on the other hand, still has an…

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