The Other Side Land

Serpent Box

It was as if he wore a special kind of glasses like the ones in the back of the comic books with the kid who can see through dresses except this wasn’t the same at all. There was nothing to look through, no physical barrier between him and the other side. They were there. They were always there. Hiding in plain sight. Portals, he sometimes called them, though he could never get his body to pass through. And he tried. He would feel blindly for some secret switch, with his fingers, grasping and probing the trunks of certain trees or in the crevices of boulders, hoping to unlock a passageway to the other side. But they would never open. They remained as he had found them, oddly alive, glowing with an aura that signified some hallowed quality he could feel with his entire being. A magnetic pull. A gravitational twinge. Something…

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